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Audio Books

I am just here to once again rave about my love of free audiobooks through our library system.  So if you have no interest in audio books, you might want to skip this one.

Even if I have a ‘real’ paper copy of a book on my shelf, sometimes I will see if the library has it free as an audiobook.  Why?  Many reasons.  I can listen to audiobooks at work.  I can also listen to them in my car.  And I love it.  I can get through a lot of books in a month if some are audiobooks.  This month I'm already up to 12 books read (a mix of audio books and 'real' books).  They range from usually about 6 hours in length to 22 hours in length.  But, I listen to them at double speed.  So a 6 hour audiobook will take me 3 hours to listen to.  I can easily get through one a day at work.
There are limits of course, and due dates.  But I typically never run out of audiobooks to read.   I have three different library apps on my phone.  Here’s how to do it.
Log onto your city library’s website.  Under…

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