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June Reads (13)

One star = did not like it at all Two stars = eh, it was okay Three stars =  liked it Four stars = really, really liked it Five stars = absolutely loved it
1-Star (0)
2-Star (0)
3-Star (6) ***A Gentleman in Moscow (Fiction, A. Towles) This was a great book, but it was way too long.It was such a good story, and I wanted to be friends with the kind Gentleman, Count Roskov.But it was REALLY long in the middle and way too wordy for my taste.
***The Library Book (Non-Fiction, S. Orlean) This one surprised me, only because I thought I would enjoy it so much more.The general library info was great (did you know that Public libraries outnumber McDonalds in the United States???), but the history/fire/L.A. part bored me to death.LAlthough it DID make me want to use my local library more.And my library is awesome and not that far from home.
***Farmer Boy (Fiction, L. Ingalls) I liked this one, but not nearly as well as the ones about Laura and her family.I just wasn’t as interested in Almanzo and his family…

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