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When I first moved to New Mexico, there were a few terms that were new to me.  Like ‘swamp cooler’ and ‘evaporative cooling’.  And ‘refrigerated air’.  What the heck?  And ‘air conditioning’ or ‘central AC’ are not terms used here AT ALL.  Weird, right? 
Refrigerated air is the same as central air.A swamp cooler (or ‘evaporative cooler’) however, is an outside unit that is hooked up to water and it uses that moisture to cool your house.That’s what most people have here.There are pros and cons.The pros are that it is inexpensive.And….that’s pretty much the only pro.The con list is much longer.It doesn’t completely cool.You can’t control the temperature at all.There are literally just switches (they look like light switches) to flip it on and off.That’s it.Well, I take that back.There’s a ‘high’ and a ‘low’.Those are your options.It will cool the house down somewhat, but when it’s 100 degrees outside, your house is going to be about 80 degrees inside with the swamp on.I’m not kidding.An…

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